Design Concept

“Everything is from love” is our design in concept and purpose. “Love” is among families, couples, friends and mostly yourself. Love is completely unconditional and selfless.

Every piece from IRESA LACROIX JEWELLERY goes heart and soul into love. The honest love emerges from our design concept for everyone that you love for. From the buyer prospective, we wish that our products are able to bring out this message of Love.

Who we are

Iraesa Lacroix Jewellery was established its concept in 2010, under the trading name of IL Jewellery, Iraesa Lacroix Jewellery and Iraesa Lacroix.

We are an Australian (Australia) based company with operations in Hong Kong and Mainland China as well. The company was founded by a group of jewellery professionals and designers with expertise in buying, sales, operational, financial and marketing, backed by GAA, GIC & GIA institution memberships.

What we do

Iraesa Lacroix specializes in diamonds, colour gems, pearls with gold and platinum jewellery, the vintage fine jewellery are also providing to customers. From buying and design to manufacturing and sales, as well as franchising operations. The company is supported by a team of carefully selected business partners and franchisee in Hong Kong, Macau, China, USA and Australia etc. Since we continue to expand internationally, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities, to grow in a direction based on an Australia brand with an international presence.

The quality control is extremely important to us for our customers, overlooking every detail from raw material selection, manufacturing and after-sales. All our products can be certified by professional institutions to assure its quality and workmanship is of the highest international standards.

Our Vision

「Australia Brand,International interpretation」is our group vision and brand core values.

The company has been perseverance and dedication to make Iraesa Lacroix Jewellery become a perceived jewellery brand. As a local Australian jewellery design company, the company is committed to providing high-quality jewellery to customers worldwide in order to further establish its reputation in the market.